No One is a Bay Area artist specializing in mural and canvas works. No One’s work can be found in many places, from chalk boards for menus, murals both inside and outside of local businesses, being painted live at a show, or the sticker on your friends computer.

Take a walking tour of my murals in downtown Oakland using this map and check out all of the wonderful locally owned businesses https://goo.gl/maps/wq34yQjeD6whUCKh8

There are more Murals to Enjoy • Check Them Out! 

  • “Mother and Cub” at Blind Tiger/Gogi Time. 27th and Telegraph Oakland, Ca. 12’x20′
  • “Together” at 2nd Avenue and International for Shamrock Real Estate. Oakland, Ca. 40’x13’
  • “Hidden Beach” at Private Residence 38th and Manila for Shamrock Real Estate. Oakland, Ca. 5’x36’
  • “Funky Space” at Coin Laundry. 28th and Telegraph Oakland, Ca. 10’x27′
  • “Habitat Wall” at Habitat for Humanity East Bay Playhouse Workshop. 1601 Poplar St. Oakland, Ca. 11’x65′
  • “Paint Life” at U.S. Spring Service, Emeryville, Ca. 
  • “Badger State mural 1” at Badger State Brewery Green Bay, Wisconsin 6’x42′
  • “Badger State mural 2” at Badger State Brewery Green Bay, Wisconsin 6’x19′
  • “Kick it” at Commonwealth 30th and Telegraph Oakland Ca. 9’x7′
  • “Sittin on the dock of the Bay” 56th and Martin Luther King Oakland Ca. 9’x7′
  • “Unstoppable” in Private Collection. Oakland Ca. 36″x48″
  • “Happy Flowers” Painted live at the East Lake Music Festival Oakland Ca. 9’x26′
  • “Give Love” at 24th and Telegraph Oakland Ca.
  • “Wizard vs. Dragon” at The Double Standard, Oakland, Ca. 
  • “Alice in Wonderland” at The Double Standard (backyard patio), Oakland, Ca. 
  • “Here and There” at Actual Café (interior wall murals, chalk menus, and bathroom mural), Oakland, Ca. 
  • “Victory” at Victory Burger, Oakland, Ca. 
  • “Be Creative” at Telegraph Beer Garden, Oakland, Ca.
  • “Storks” at The Stork Club, Oakland, Ca. 
  • “Toast on his swing” at Merchants Saloon, Oakland, Ca. 
  • “Beastmode” at Town Park, Oakland, Ca. 
  • “Focus and Achieve” at Sunbeam Market, Oakland Ca. 
  • “Le Petite Bistro” at Little Bistro Café, Oakland, Ca. 
  • “Tree and Taco” at Lago Grill Taqueria, Oakland, Ca. 
  • “Dandy Lion” at Coliseum College Prep Academy, Oakland, Ca.  
  • “The More You Know” at Co Z Art Lounge, Oakland, Ca.
  • “The Fruitful Tree” at Emerge Digital, San Francisco, Ca.
  • “Desert Home in the City” in private residence San Francisco, Ca. 5’x14′
  • “Have Fun” at One Way Skate Shop (interior skate park walls), Santa Maria, Ca.
  • “Atitlan Women’s Weavers Collective” at San Pedro La Laguna, Guatemala

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  1. Hey! It was cool meeting you last night. I really dig your work. Let me know if you’re still interested in showcasing some of your work in my shop. You can reach me by email.



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