Help me get some paint!

21 09 2015

I have an Indiegogo started to fund me doing murals in public spaces. Help me get the paint and ill find the wall and post pictures of the piece i do, thank you in advance.🙂

a lil something different

10 05 2015

february2015 049

FYI i started an instagram a lil while ago

23 02 2015


The Big mural

13 10 2014

bigmural17’x5′ spray paint and acrylic

a huge piece showing the merging of two worlds into one life. desert fire pit to city fine dining and the special spots we stop along the way.


12 10 2014

20140418_170054 20140418_170422

“And No One was there” my first solo show!

9 07 2014

AndNoOnewasthereflyerdsThursday August 7th       @ 2424 Telegraph   5-9pm One day only

Pour over coffee by Brown Teeth Coffee


Mario, ?uestions, Kato Pop, Bassic

Art by

No One, and friends

Front mural, canvas and panel pieces of various sizes, a raffle for art and whatever else comes up before the show!


Mural for Emerge Digital

19 08 2013

1fruitfultreemuralmostly spray paint on canvas