Employee art show!

Sorry I didn’t post about this sooner. This show was GREAT!   . I had some paintings and a drawing on the wall. The opening was very nice, even sold some pieces to some really cool people. Thanks to all who support our efforts as practicing artist and Thank God for Love!

thank you
this piece found a home, thanks!

Mural at Merchants Saloon

part of merchants mural
see the whole mural at Merchants Saloon in Oakland

This has been a great project to work on. I went into Merchants Saloon and saw a huge wall covered in illegible graffiti( i like graffiti but this wall was blown out bad) and asked the manager if i could paint something on it and they said something like sure what ever, then when they saw what i was working on the owner offered to pay me to finish if i did the whole wall. You gotta love it when things work out. See the whole thing at the bar.


Thanks to all who came to our show, we hope you had a great time. Congratulations to our raffle winners, thanks for playing.

pictures of some of the work from the show will be posted soon

oh, and check out Merchants Saloon in Jack London Square, they where nice enough to let me paint on their wall, Ive already got a lot of paint on, but ill probably finish this week, stay tooned and i mean it.