@wormholemuralsquad is getting ready for the Gem and Jam show in Arizona!


gem & jam

The Wormhole Mural Squad is raising gas funds for their travels to Gem and Jam music festival in Tuscon Arizona (January 30- February 2nd). The funds raised will allow the Wormhole Mural Squad to travel to Gem and Jam and create a painting live in front of thousands of people! The painting will be auctioned for charity.Any and all support is greatly appreciated. Anyone who donates over 25$ will get a small print of the painting we create at Gem and Jam 2020! Help our squad get to the Gem & Jam show in Arizona:



“And No One was there” my first solo show!

AndNoOnewasthereflyerdsThursday August 7th       @ 2424 Telegraph   5-9pm One day only

Pour over coffee by Brown Teeth Coffee


Mario, ?uestions, Kato Pop, Bassic

Art by

No One, and friends

Front mural, canvas and panel pieces of various sizes, a raffle for art and whatever else comes up before the show!