Mural at Merchants Saloon

part of merchants mural
see the whole mural at Merchants Saloon in Oakland

This has been a great project to work on. I went into Merchants Saloon and saw a huge wall covered in illegible graffiti( i like graffiti but this wall was blown out bad) and asked the manager if i could paint something on it and they said something like sure what ever, then when they saw what i was working on the owner offered to pay me to finish if i did the whole wall. You gotta love it when things work out. See the whole thing at the bar.

One thought on “Mural at Merchants Saloon

  1. Sweet Mural! I had a similar encounter with a wall in Chinatown, NYC many years back. It was funny cause no cops bothered my friends when we painted over the tags with white paint but we got stopped 3 times when doing our mural ontop of the white wall. Go figure.


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