Mural at Merchants Saloon

part of merchants mural
see the whole mural at Merchants Saloon in Oakland

This has been a great project to work on. I went into Merchants Saloon and saw a huge wall covered in illegible graffiti( i like graffiti but this wall was blown out bad) and asked the manager if i could paint something on it and they said something like sure what ever, then when they saw what i was working on the owner offered to pay me to finish if i did the whole wall. You gotta love it when things work out. See the whole thing at the bar.

…and the show was good.

ta da
ta da
everything got given!
nice turn out
oh stencile...
check it out
orange and yellow hat
aint he cute
three small canvases
lil guys
great band
so chill
swinging Toast

This was a lot of fun, we must do it again soon.